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had enough of christmas music?
Here’s what were listening to a TNT HQ this winter

The new mastersounds, shake it

Get ready to get your funky shit together and get down to The New Mastersounds. This is a funking awesome album features Lamar Williams and is just sublime upbeat funk. If you need a little pick-me-up, then this is just the medicine you need to get back in the groove. Standout tracks for me are Lovely Daze and Taking Me Down.

Timewarp inc, theory of revolution

The perfect album to start the night off with. Angelos is back with another great eclectic mix of breaks and beats. I can’t actually find a track I don’t like on this album, it’s just crammed full of delights. Standout tracks are Tweaky and Realistic featuring Georges Perin.

Rude Audio, Street Light Interference

I’ve been meaning to share this with you for sometime. Taking a trance laden dose of electronica now, with Rude Audio. Expect messy, squelchy, disjointed, minimal beats. Rude Mission is my standout track bringing back some influences from the Goa trance of the late 90’s.

Guts, philantropigues

Let’s go on a journey around the world with Guts. There’s Brazilian, Caribbean and African influences in this release from Guts. Let this album take you away to the tropics and forget about the grey cold climate for a bit. This is guaranteed to make you feel warm again. Stand out tracks for me include Daddy Sweet and Voyaging Bird.