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  • Morgan Heritage - Avrakedabra

    Reggae royalty and Grammy Award winning band Morgan Heritage are back with a new reggae infused album. I’ll let you into a little secret - I’m a big fan. I personally think that 'Inna Dem Ting Deh' is one of the best reggae tracks ever released and they’ve been responsible for some classic Caribbean anthems like 'Tell Me How Come', 'Nothing to Smile About' and of course 'Inna Dem Ting Deh' which I’m not sure I mentioned is one of the best reggae tracks ever. It’s defiantly my go-to tune when I need a pick me up! Back to the job in hand, and on with the review!

    The new album is far from the roots sound that you might expect from the band, it evolves on the pop fusion sound that the band have been developing for the last few years. They call it “Rockaz” but to the uninitiated it’s a fusion of pop and reggae with a few other genres thrown in for good measure. The album has many collaborations including one with Ziggy and Stephen from the Marley clan. I’ll be honest, I like roots reggae more than I do this pop style, but I can’t help but get sucked into it. I was fortunate to see them at Boomtown Fair last year and it’s an infectious sound you can’t help but get your groove on to. This album brings together hip hop influences, candy floss pop like 'Reggae Night' alongside dubstep stabs and more traditional reggae tracks like 'Tribute to Ruggs'. There’s something for everyone on this album and I’m sure it will be well received. Stand out tracks for me include 'Selah' with it’s dub bassline and 'We are'. It’s out at the end of May 2017.

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  • Parov Stelar - The Burning Spider

    Austrian electro swing pioneer Marcus Füreder (aka Parov Stelar) is back with another injection of funky swing beats and electronica. This new album has got a bit of a Moby vibe to it, which isn’t a bad thing. 'Soul Fever Blues' is particularly Moby’esque with it’s classic house piano stabs, bluegrass guitars and the guest vocals of blues legend Muddy Waters. This album is beautifully constructed and a delight to the ears with Parov’s warm and precise mastering and production. If only all modern albums went through the same rigorous post-production. It really is very nicely put together and will be a treat to anyone with a decent pair of headphones or hifi. Stand out tracks for me are 'Soul Fever Blues' and 'Step Two'.

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  • Kasabian - For Crying Out Loud

    Leicester rockers Kasabian are back with a new album 'For Crying Out Loud'. This album is crammed fully of Tom Meighan’s classic vocals with the grungey guitar riffs which dominated many previous albums. I often criticise bands for not evolving, and sticking to the same format, thankfully in this case there’s enough evolution to keep things fresh, but enough of the old DNA to keep the devoted fans in their comfort zone. Stand out tracks for me are 'Good Fight' and 'Comeback Kid', thankfully the rest of the album is perfectly acceptable too!

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  • Jake Isaac - Our Lives

    Emerging soul-pop star Jake Isaac released his much anticipated debut album this month. Jake brings his deep soulful vocals together with upbeat pop tracks and melancholy compositions like 'Better This Way'. Recently Jake was announced as support act to Elton John’s UK outdoor shows, so this South Londoner is already getting some much deserved attention. George Ezra and Michael Kiwanuka are surly going to be the vocal talent Jake is benchmarked against, but I’m not sure there’s really any point in comparison, they all bring something special to the party and Jake is no exception, expect to see big things from him! This is a lovely album and a delight to listen to. Stand out tracks for me are 'Waiting here' and 'Will You Be'.