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  • The Charlatans Different Days

    After giving the new Gorillaz album a slamming a couple of issues ago. I thought I should check out the new Charlatans album. I have to say I’m not warming to this one very much either. If I’m honest I thought their album “Some Friendly” was one of the most iconic indie albums of the 90’s but I’ve not really felt any love for any of their more recent efforts, and it’s looking like this new album is going to land on the shit pile in the TNT office alongside the Gorillaz album. Check it out for yourself on spotify here

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  • Major Lazer

    Know No Better EP

    Autotune masters Major Lazer are back with another installment of Jamaica infused pop. With collaborations with dancehall old timers Sean Paul and Busy Signal. There’s no surprises with this EP, it’s got Major Lazer written all over it, but it’s crammed full of dancefloor pleasers. Stand out tracks for me were “Know No Better” and “Buscando Huellas”. Listen on Spotify

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  • Stand High Patrol The Shift

    Reggae purists Stand High Patrol are back with a new album which is surprisingly absent of any reggae. Hip hop infused jazzy chillout is what this is all about with a really unique sound. Previous albums have been mastered in pure analogue studios with a real emphasis on polished production and there’s nothing to disappoint here with crisp percussion, airy soundscapes supported by sharp flowing lyrics. Stand out tracks for me include - “Easy Rider” and “Tribute to Tha OriginatorsListen on Spotify


Two of Australia’s comedy icons join forces 

in this riotous new show

Scotty and Jude couldn’t be happier; every element of their lives is simply perfect. They love their bodies, their careers, the people they have chosen to be surrounded by and they love who they are, the women that they have become. Their souls are fit to bursting! Every day is another perfect gift from the universe!

Well that’s certainly what they’ve written on their Facebook pages. Come along and see what a crock of shit that actually is. Truthfully their lives are full of… disappointments.

We guarantee that this show will make you feel better about your lives or at least help you accept the rut that you’re in. Lucy and Scott will help you embrace your mediocrity along with your shattered dreams and what’s more you’ll walk out feeling proud!

They’ll sing, they’ll dance, they’ll lie down a lot and they’ll learn to love their disappointments.

‘Either of these performers is capable of tickling an audience pink; together, you can expect to be red raw.’ - Age

Eye-opening, edgy, fun and life-affirming.’ - Sydney Morning Herald

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  • Oumou Sangaré Mogoya

    Grammy Award winning Oumou is referred to as "The Songbird of Wassoulou" a region south of the river Niger. She started singing early in life aged five as a way to help support and feed her family after her father abandoned them. Not content with singing, she also has had much success in business ranging from Automotive and Hospitality owning a hotel and helping launch a car. This album will take you on a journey into traditional regional music and dance with a contemporary edge. Stand out tracks for me include “Mali Niale” and “Djoukourou”. Listen on Spotify

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  • Jaqee

    Fly High

    Sticking with an African vibe this time from Uganda, Jaqee brings her unique flavour of music. With subtle Hip Hop, Reggae and pop influences, this album has a really fresh sound which I can’t really compare to anything else. This is a really warm uplifting album which you can’t help but get sucked into. Stand out tracks include “Lullaby”, “My Life” and “Don’t FussListen on Spotify

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  • Hugo Kant

    Out of time

    Hugo Kant (careful how you say that especially with a London accent), is a French producer that I’ve only recently discovered. Think Lemon Jelly, The Herbalizer, Chinese Man, Buddah Bar and other electronic mashups and you start to get a feel for this album. It’s a stunning collection of tracks which will be getting a lot more airtime on the TNT HiFi. Stand out tracks for me are “Odissi” and “EMI”, A perfect summer evening chillout album. Listen on Spotify