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How To Maintain Mental and Physical
Wellness While Working From Home

As the pandemic situation continues, the more fortunate workers who have kept their jobs are subject to work from home for as long as it takes.

These times can impact our mental and physical health in a variety of ways. During this time, the fitness industry has had to make massive adjustments in order to survive. People are seeking guidance on how they can keep fit and lead a balanced lifestyle while situated at home.

Exercise and mental health are extremely important while social distancing for the following reasons:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety while the economic situation is unstable
  • Keep a focused mind on taking steps to make radical changes
  • Lower the cost of healthcare for other matters non-pandemic related
  • Keeping healthy means healthcare professionals can focus more on the current task at hand. There are fewer professionals out there than we think as well as hospital beds.

Here are some tips for staying fit and mentally well during our pandemic situation:

1- Avoid feelings of claustrophobia

It might sound strange, but during a time social distancing, we need to be aware of avoiding the symptoms of social isolation, and getting trapped in a state of claustrophobia.

Being in socially isolated environment for too long can lead to restlessness and irritability, causing us to lose our focus. This can also put ourselves in a negative state of mind, disrupting us from working from home, or being productive on what we are going to do next.

Symptoms Of Claustrophobia Include:

• Depression
• Self-Esteem
• Lack Of Confidence
• Increased Appetite
• Lost Focus

How To Overcome:

• Go For Walks – It is extremely important to go for a walk daily to relive mental stress. This will also give you a break from being in a confined space for long durations and decrease the symptoms of claustrophobia.

• Keep A Clean Living Space – Don’t get so wrapped up from being around your home that you forget to do your daily chores. Try to pick a few activities that keep you on your feet and avoids sitting in front of screens all day long. This will keep your mind active and positive.

• Practice Slow Breathing and Meditation – If subject to long hours at home and you can’t get out for your walk, try and practice small sessions of slow breathing and mediation. Switch off from everything around you and count to three for each inhalation and exhale. This can help to reduce feelings of anxiety.

2- Connect With an Online or In Home Personal Trainer

Keeping in tune and progressing with your fitness goals is something you want to pursue at this current time.

During lockdown, there have been many personal trainers that have adjusted to personal training sessions online. If feeling stuck, fitness professionals can help you work with what you have available in your own home. There is a lot of apparatus at home that can substitute the equipment and machinery at the gym – chairs, benches, etc. If you have light equipment such as dumbbells, this would be a great advantage.


• Learn techniques about working out at home
• Have a professional fitness program prepared
• Great for physical, social and mental health
• Keeps you alert and active
• Creates healthy habits and avoids bad ones!

How To Start:

• Complimentary Introduction – Almost all personal trainers will hold a free consultation online for their services. Have a brief introduction and get a feel for what you need before getting started.

3- Make Sure To Get Plenty Of Sun

Sunlight is extremely important for getting a source of Vitamin D.

This helps our bodily functions in many ways, helping healthy teeth and gums, bone structure, skin development and boosting immunity.

Sunlight plays an essential part of improving our mental and physical wellness. Boosting our immunity is essential at this time for reducing the amount of cases of coronavirus. Ultraviolet light also reduces depression and anxiety. During a time of social isolation this is critical. The sun releases endorphins in our body that help us to feel good about ourselves, holding negative feelings at bay, and increasing productivity.

How To Overcome:

• Sit In The Garden or Go To The Park – During a nice time of the day, take a break and sit outside in a space where you are situated in the sunshine. If you find that you can’t get exposure from light from home, go to a nearby park or open space where you can relax and catch the rays.

4- Games & Activities

Getting involved in practical games is a great way to exercise your brain. In regards to mental health, it improves your cognitive abilities and your senses. From a physical standpoint, it improves your mobility, joints and cardiovascular system.

Games like twister are great if you have friends around the house or apartment. If not there are plenty of activities that can keep your mind occupied and help de-stress:

• Board Games
• Picking Up Music
• Learning New Crafts


• Pick a craft that can easily be followed online – ex. painting
• Simple games in the garden – twister, hoops, catch, darts, etc.
• Play an instrument that’s light – try order online
• Any games that promote movement and increase your fitness levels

5- Keep an active metabolism

It’s important to be aware of keeping an active metabolism.

There are many factors that increase and decrease your metabolic rate.

While working from home, its important to keep moving and not be sitting for longer durations of the day. This is the key method to avoiding your metabolic rate going down. Having a slow metabolism will increase weight gain, make you feel blotted and disrupt the activities you are focusing on during the day.

Remember to take breaks, go for walks and avoid the trap of being sedentary.


• Drink lots of water throughout the day
• Don’t hunch or slouch while sitting. Try work from an elevated workstation or even standing at times if possible.
• Avoid eating or snacking late at night
• Keep a clean diet, with plenty of healthy nutrients. Avoid fast food, high in carbs and saturated fats.
• Go to bed at a reasonable time. Sleep helps to regulate your body weight.

About the Author

Ben Walker is a successful business owner in the health and fitness industry based at Anywhere Fitness. He offers a complimentary consultation to get started on your wellness goals at home. Reach out to him today for more advice.  He looks forward to hearing your goals and concerns. Thanks for reading.