TNT Digital Magazine: Issue 2

We've been playing around with a few ideas of ways to save you some money on your travels and have decided to hold the TNT Travel RoadShow on Saturday 9 July at Belushi's, London Bridge. We already put on London's biggest free travel shows in Spring and Autumn in Islington, but we've decided to take the show on the road. We've created a more intimate and less crowded event, and are offering a pre booked appointment service for some of our tour operators. Over 25 of your favourite travel companies will be there with exclusive deals and offers on the day. Once you've planned out your itinerary, come and join us at the bar. For those of you not in the know, Belushi's is a pub.

So, what’s in the second edition of the new format TNT Digital Magazine?

Paris and New York will always be popular destinations, more than just on the tourist trail, they're essential. Join Dylan Gower on his alternative New York and Catherine McNally, expert on all things Parisian, especially food, drink and dancing.

One of my favourite European destinations is San Sebastian in the Basque country. With beaches to rival Rio de Janeiro (Zuriola is legendary among surfers) great festivals and some of the best food in Europe (not forgetting the San Sebastian cider) Andrew Westbrook does the capital of cool justice.

Off the beaten track travel wanderer Mark Bibby Jackson travels back in time to 1970s northern California in Kampot and on to the Philippines to discover amazing wildlife, sea and beaches. I can dream of paradise while I sit here typing this from my desk.

Elizabeth Hotson eats her way through Acre in Northern Israel, Madeleine Stewart gives her thoughts on the very best of Brazil and Nico de Napoli gives his version of life in London. He's been here for the best part of twenty years and knows what he's talking about.

A very big thank you to wildlife presenter and writer Steve Backshall for taking the time to speak to us.

As for me, I'm just back from wildlife watching in Amboseli and am about to pack for a first time visit to Switzerland cycling through the mountains around Verbier and doing a tandem skydive. I expect to loose a few pounds cycling and jumping off that mountain. Did I mention my fear of heights? I'll bring you up to speed in issue number three.

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