March 2017 TNT Travel Show Review

Find out what you missed!

If you're reading this now, and didn't make it down to the March 2017 show, then you've missed another cracking day out in London! The show kicked off again at the Business Design Centre, Islington and thousands of attendees swarmed on the show to grab special deals and find out more about their next travel adventure. We were delighted to see lots of new faces at this show; exhibitors and visitors alike.

 One addition to the show worthy of a mention was Student Universe who sponsored the event and popped their exhibition cherry all in one go! If you're going to do something you may as well go big, so why not start off by sponsoring the biggest free to attend travel show in London! We were delighted to have this exciting brand in attendance, and we know attendees benefited from their excellent offers on trips and flights.


There were plenty of other exhibitors to check out at the show and plenty of offers to be had. The main event for many attendees was our famous lucky dip prize giveaway. With over £7000 worth of trips in the collective pot of greatness, this is a massive prize for one lucky attendee. We're pleased to announce that Erica Dynes was the lucky winner winning that astonishing set of prizes. Well done Erica you lucky bugger, we know what you're going to be doing for the next few months! You're going to Italy, Greece, Moscow, the Great Wall of China, sailing all over Europe, you'll be getting partying with the crazy crew at Stoke Travel with a Stoke Travel Passport, travelling down the Nile in Egypt, overlanding from Johannesburg to Nairobi, not forgetting a £500 voucher with Tucan Travel, unlimited hop on hop off pass with Busabout and finally a 3 month subscription to the Cocoa Crave Chocolate Club... You're going to need the 3 months of chocolates to sit down and get your itinerary in order! Well done Erica, we're well jel!


Exhibitors included - 

- StudentUniverse

- Sail in Greece

- Travel Talk

- MacBackpackers

- Wicked Campers Europe

- Italy on a Budget

- Anglo Pacific World Movers

- Tucan Travel

- Expat Explore

- Fanatics

- DJH City Hostels

- Excess International Movers

- Paddywagon

- Busabout

- Shamrocker Adventures

- HAGGiS Adventures

- Oasis Overland

- Festivals All Around

- Vodkatrain

- Go Sail Turkey

- The Dragon Trip

- ENA Care Group


- Medsailors

- CocoaCrave Chocolate Club

- Topdeck

- 1st Contact

- Yacht Discovery

- Protocol Education

- Backpax Travel Map & Website

- Stoke Travel

- Pickfords

- Travel Blue Island

- Vibe Teaching and Recruitment

- Absolute Africa

- Go Bosnia

- PSS International Removals

- Beats Travel

- Spaceships Campervans

- Kiwis in London

- UK Sports Club

- Isle of Wight festival


- International Paintball Group

- Summer Sail Week

It's not too long until the next travel show, with plans for the October show already in full swing. Keep a look out for announcements about the next show soon and get the date in your diary - October 7th...