The Best Amazon Jungle Adventure…ever - win your place with TNT

TNT and Large Minority have joined forces to offer one suitably crazy competitor the chance to compete for glory in this November’s Amazon Challenge. You’ll win the full Amazon Challenge package, worth $2,000.

The Amazon Challenge credit: Large Minority

What’s so special about the Amazon Challenge? That’s easy – this is not any old adventure tour into deepest darkest Amazonian Rainforest, this is a mission, this is a quest, this is the ultimate challenge.

Large Minority’s sole existence is to provide the best and most exciting adventure holidays around. Starting back in 2008 with the Lanka Challenge, a 1,000km self-drive rickshaw adventure through Sri Lanka in which participants can choose between a 9 night ‘rugged Northern Route’ visiting Jaffna and Trincomalee or a 9 night ‘laidback Southern Route’ taking in Kandy, Colombo, Nuwaraeliya and Sigiriya along the way. Other Challenges soon followed – the Cambo Challenge – a 900km 8 night challenge through Cambodia on tuk-tuks and the Philippines Sailing Challenge – 90 nautical miles over 8 nights in a (phew) skippered paraw tri-maran around un-inhabited islands and Boracay in the Philippines.

  • The Lanka Challenge credit: Large Minority

  • The Cambo Challenge credit: Large Minority

  • The Philippines Sailing Challenge credit: Large Minority

“We just knew there was space to help people take real adventures,” said Large Minority co-founder Julian Carnall. “If you have a couple of weeks off work and you want to take on something truly life-changing but also totally manageable, we’re here to help.”

The idea is simple: up to 15 teams (depending on the challenge) of two or three people come together for an adventure in your chosen destination. Along the way, you must complete daily challenges as well as reach checkpoints and your night time accommodation, whether that be in a hammock under the stars on a beach or in the jungle, or a boutique hotel. There are points for being first but that’s not what the challenges are about, they are about pushing yourself mentally and physically, immersing yourself in your local environment, seeing and experiencing some pretty out there stuff and ending each day with your fellow ‘challengers’ sharing food, drink and stories from the day.


credit: Large Minority

Take for instance, the Amazon Challenge, new for 2017. A week-long adventure through Colombia, Peru & Brazil starting at Leticia, where Colombia, Brazil and Peru meet on the Amazon River - and a Colombian market. Navigation maps and challenges are handed out each day so you never quite know what the next day will bring. Daily tasks range from cooking dinner with a local tribe and spotting pink dolphins, to creating your team camp in the jungle armed with just a hammock, a machete and a single tap. Physical challenges include trekking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing for Piranhas, night walks in the jungle and indigenous games involving spears, blowpipes and axes whilst visiting the Ticuna, Huitoto and Omaguas tribes of the Amazon.

  • Cooking with the locals credit: Large Minority

  • Indigenous Games credit: Large Minority

The Rainforest itself hurls its own challenges at you with every kilometre. It’s literally a jungle out there with ever-changing terrain, temperature, humidity and density and don’t get us started on the array of creatures, day and night – prepare yourself for ants, snakes, mosquitos, poisonous frogs, cayman and yes, tarantulas. But fear not, guides are on hand to advise without interfering and to impart gems of local knowledge about your backdrop. After days in the jungle, the Challenge ends in a final race to a checkpoint back in Leticia to crown the winners and throw a farewell party.

All the logistics and serious stuff is taken care of for you by Large Minority. Emergency and Medical insurance is included for the duration of the Challenge along with airport transfers. Ground and boat transportation is all provided along with luggage boat and medical and support team. Accommodation is in hotels, homestays or camping equipment and hammock. Breakfast and dinner is all included (although you might be making it yourself as part of a challenge), some lunches and extras like a walkie-talkie, phrase book and Gumboots – essential in the Amazon. All you need to do is sort your flights and bring some cash for spends!

Part of Large Minority’s ethic is to give something back to the local communities involved. 10% of each dollar goes to the company’s flagship charities in each country so far, helping to raise over US$75,000 for Meaningful Travel initiatives and an extra US$50,000 for other charitable organisations.


Giving something back credit: Large Minority

So, the question is - do you have what it takes to tackle the Amazon Challenge? Fancy competing in the indigenous Olympics? How about rubbing shoulders with pink dolphins and dodging piranhas as you paddle downstream? Do you often have vivid dreams about hammocks? If so, you were born for the Amazon Challenge, the ultimate bucket list trip in South America.


The Amazon Challenge - have you got what it takes? credit: Large Minority

TNT and Large Minority have joined forces to offer one suitably crazy competitor the chance to compete for glory in this November’s Amazon Challenge. You’ll win the full Amazon Challenge package, worth $2,000.

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**This prize is valid only for the November 2017 Amazon Challenge and is non-transferable. It does not include international flights.**


credit: Large Minority