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Sounds from the TNT HiFi

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  • The Herbaliser - Bring out the sound

    London Hip Hop (or should that be chip chop) legends are back with a new album. The album kicks off with a track named Breach which has a heist vibe to it and plenty of turntable scratching to get you in the mood for what's in store. Track two has a downtempo almost Paul Weller feel to it and is possibly the only track I didn't get on with. Thankfully track three gets back on track with a Rodney P and 28luchi collaboration. The rest of the album fails to disappoint with slick beats, phat horns, trippy interludes. Stand out track for me is "Some Things". So what are you waiting for... spark up a fatty and get in there...

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  • Moby - Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

    Sticking with the obscure for the next album and Moby is back with his new Album Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. It's a pretty melancholy affair but not without it's moments of brilliance. My stand out track is Like a Motherless Child.

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  • Cut Chemist - Die Cut

    Cut Chemist (Aka Lucas MacFadden) of Jurrasic 5 and longtime collaborator with DJ Shadow, brings up the pace a bit with a new album of spliced tech breaks and beats. This is a typically gritty future-retro vibe that many will be familiar with from previous concoctions. Stand out tracks for me are Madman, Metalstorm and You want it, I've got it.

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  • Ängie - Suicidal Since 1995

    Our favourite Sweedish pop slut is back with her debut album Suicidal Since 1995. We interviewed Ängie a few issues ago, and discovered that she spends much of her day smoking weed and eating pussy, so we're glad she's taken some time off rug munching and getting stoned to lay down some new tracks in the studio. While her latest tracks aren't anywhere near as controversial as some of her earlier work, there's still the same edge of someone who really doesn't give a fuck about radio plays. I'm fairly certain I'm not the demographic for this album, as I've passed puberty and had proper sex with girls and everything. But if you happen to be a spotty oik who spends most of your time getting stoned and masturbating then you're in for a treat. Get your hankies out you dirty little fucker and get stuck in!