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Issue 1611

Welcome to the latest issue. We’ve packed this issue with winter skiing, global travel, Christmas Gifts and loads of other travel inspiration. Enjoy!



Travel inspiration: The Global Convoy

Rebecca Marsh gives us a personal insight into the epic
journey around the world and shows what’s truly possible
with a few beaten up old cars, some determination
and great friendships.

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Interview: Pawno

We talk to writer, producer and star of
Ozzie film Pawno.

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Winter Travel:  Gudauri the perfect ski resort you’ve never heard of

The best value ski destination for 2018 certainly isn’t
in the French Alps. And no, it’s not Bulgaria or Romania either.
Read on to find out where!

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Winter Travel: Austria, ski capital of the Alps

Serious skiers typically head to France at the first
sign of snowfall, but in doing so they might well
be missing out on one of the best ski areas in
the Alps: the Tyrol.

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Winter Gear: Take to the slopes in style

They say that skiing is a sport, not a fashion parade,
but try telling that to the thousands of smartphone-wielding
snow lovers seeking the perfect Instagram selfie
on or off the piste..

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Travel: Where to get some winter sun

If all skiing isn’t your thing, then fear not. We have
the best spots to get some sun this winter.

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Travel: Los Angeles, the low-down

When it comes to destinations, there’s no place quite like
Los Angeles with its history of Hollywood glamour, famed
theme parks, resurgent downtown district, stellar shopping
centres and year-round warm climate.

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Travel: Remarkable Rwanda: seven reasons to visit

Let’s face facts: if we’re talking about which country to visit
next, we probably wouldn’t put Rwanda – an African nation
whose name will always be tinged with tragedy
at the top of the list. But we’d be wrong.

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Travel: Eight things you need to know before visiting Ecuador

Ecuador may be of the smallest countries in South America
but don’t be fooled by its size for there is plenty to see, do
and experience in Luz de América (the light of America).
Planning a visit to this Andean country?
Here are 8 things you need to know before you go…

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Travel: A sporty paradise in Lanzarote

“Is 28 different sports in three days pushing it?”
asked my partner optimistically when we arrived at
Club La Santa resort on the east coast of Lanzarote.
“Probably, but we can give it a go,” I said
ogling the sea of newly surfaced tennis courts.

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Travel: The Secret Star that is Sacramento

Tell anybody you’re heading to California for your holidays and
they’ll usually assume you’re headed either for LA or San Francisco.
But, as worthy as those two great destinations are,
the USA’s most populous state (and sixth largest economy
in the world) has a lot more going for it than just LaLa-land
and the home of Uber and Google.

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Travel: A Weekend in Prague…

So, this summer I went abroad for the first time.
When people find out I have never departed our
little island, they are always surprised and with me being 21,
I was starting to surprise myself.

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Christmas Gift Guide

Santa’s drunk, but don’t despair, we’re here
to save the day and sort out your Christmas shopping!

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Christmas Saints and Sinners

As Christmas looms we thought we’d bring you
some Christmas legends – good and bad…

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