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Welcome to Issue 1616

Travel: Petra Jordan, Lawrence and Peace in Troubled Waters

Mark Bibby Jackson follows in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia

A gambler’s high on the peaks of Britain

We find out what it takes to take of the 3 Peaks Challenge

Faroe Islands: Sound of Silence

Travel north for a Faroe Islands holiday to discover a beautiful, windswept land, full of the most amazing landscapes and wonderful food.

Sabah: Land of Mountains, Rainforest and Orangutan

We find out about the Island of Sabah in Borneo

Cheese, more cheese and mountain biking in the Swiss Alps

Elizabeth Hotson, gets on her bike and explores Verbier in Switzerland

From Saints to Sinners: the Bars of Brussels

On a long weekend in the Belgian capital, Mark Bibby Jackson experiences the bars of Brussels, and is led on a merry dance by the local clientele.

Clash of the rugby titans at Twickenham

The Autumn internationals are now in full swing and November is packed full of world-class rugby

Interview: Ross Noble

We catch up with Geordie funny man about his latest tour.

Boozy treats

We’ve done the hard work of seeking out all the best booze for Christmas. Someone had to do it!

Christmas Gift Guide

We’ve got Christmas wrapped up!