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Welcome to Issue 1617

Interview: Matt Dickens from The Adventurists

Scubaspa floating resort in the Maldives

How does floating around on your own private spa resort in the Maldives sound? Kate Morfoot found out.

Christmas Turkey anyone?

We’re not talking about the feathered variety, rather the country! Turkey has a lot to offer all year round, but we discovered that Turkey has huge potential for off-season sun and fun.

Dresden: Castles, Steam Trains and a Mickey Mouse Republic

The former East German state of Saxony has a wealth of history and a totally different feel to it as Mark Bibby Jackson discovers on his trip to Dresden and Radebeul

Cultural Leipzig: Bach, Goethe and the Spinnerei

Mark Bibby Jackson goes from becoming immersed in the local music scene to getting blind drunk in Leipzig at 11 in the morning

Not that Georgia

The Caucasian state stepping out from the Soviet shadows by Stephanie Adams

Interview: Joe Camilleri The Black Sorrows

We talk to Australian music legend about life on the road, and his UK tour dates

G & Tea

Tonic! That’s so last season… T stands for tea! Russell Higham finds out more