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We’ve put a little selection of grooves to give you a little lockdown lift. Sit back & enjoy the ride!

Modern Anxiety – Josef Salvat

This seemed like a good place to kick things off, with the aptly named album “Modern Anxiety” Aussie singer Josef brings an eclectic mix of genres with a hint of The XX melancholy, A bit of Radiohead and a bit dollop of pop to hold it all together and a tiny bit of cheese sprinkled on top for good measure. I’m not sure it’s the antidote to all our lockdown problems, but it’s certainly not going to do any harm and well worth a listen.

Dissimulation – KSI

Yep, this is really happening. This is what happens when a You Tuber has too much time on his hands and enough people around him egging him on. I’m not sure talented is what you would refer to KSI’s YouTube antics, but it’s certainly not what you would associate with his debut into hip hop. This is nearly as embarrassing as his attempt at boxing, as he clearly doesn’t have any talent or even the gift of the gab! Thankfully he was wise enough to drag other more capable artists along for the ride who hold this together (just about…) I’m hoping that like instrumental releases, this album might be re-released with KSI cut from the mix. Get back to Youtube you muppet, you’re about as gangster as my nana.

The Rated Legend – Cadet

In contrast to the utter tripe spat out by KSI in the last review. Cadet shows how it’s done in this showcase for British hip hop. Cadet was killed in a car crash on his way to one of his gigs last year, so sadly this album release will be his legacy. The collaboration with Deno in track ‘Advice’ is my top pick, but what the fuck do I know I’m hardly a ‘yute’ from the ghetto. The Convo (interlude) is a bit of a tear-jerker, watch out!

Black Pumas – Black Pumas

This isn’t a new release as such, but I discovered it recently and thought it’s worth sharing. The black pumas are a soul band from Austin. There laid back soul grooves are just what the doctor ordered during this crazy time. Let these groove masters take you on a trip, I promise it’s going to be a good one.

Qwestlife – Prophecy

Let’s change it up a bit for my final dose of sonic tonic for this lockdown special. If you don’t feel better after listening to this album, then there really is no hope for you, your soul is already lost. They are signed to Ibiza’s Glitterbox label so that should give you a bit of a clue as to where this is heading. If the lockdown ever gets lifted and Ibiza’s clubland isn’t totally decimated by social distancing, then there are a load of dancefloors that are going to be seeing some serious action with these massive floor fillers. My pick is Can’t Stop (Boogie Mix) featuring Alena. This could easily be the soundtrack to my summer! Did I mention The Sugerhill Gang and Grandmaster Melle Mel also funk it up on this album?